End the night with a gently guided journey into the body and mind.  Find yourself releasing old patterns of tension and movement, finding grace and ease.  Let go of your troubles and enjoy some bliss before bedtime. We use props to support the postures while gently stretching and strengthening the body. This class is appropriate for students of all levels. 



Yin Yoga is a compliment to the more energetic (Yang) forms of yoga.  Yin poses are held longer to allow the muscles to relax which targets the deep connective tissues beneath the muscles. Stretching the deep connective tissues using Yin techniques will strengthen the joints while safely increasing and maintaining flexibility. A Yin practice has a calming effect on the mind and body and is beneficial to yoga practitioners of all traditions and of all levels of experience.

Yoga for the Soul

Connect to your inner purpose and find your authentic expression through your yoga practice.  You will learn how to take your yoga practice off the mat into the world. Students will explore a different topic each week to develop an understanding of yogic philosophies.  Working through more than just the physical postures, students will be introduced to the eight limbed path of yoga, and ways to practice yoga beyond the asanas. (Currently not teaching this class. I hope to bring it back in the near future).


Hatha Yoga For Unwinding & Revitalyzing

This is a gentle yoga class that will give you an opportunity to rid your body of the stresses of your day. Class will include meditation, pre yoga exercises, poses from the standing, back bend, seated forward bend, twist, and reclining categories. Restorative poses and visualization exercises will be included throughout. By linking the poses with your breath, your mind and body will feel more at ease and revitalized as your day comes an end. Cost: Drop-in $10, 5 class pass $45, 10 class pass $80 (1 year expiration)


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a unique yoga style that adapts yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of the body. The student is able to warm up the body safely and perform yoga poses with more support and stability. Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing poses, forward and backward bends, side extensions, balancing, and leg and arm stretches. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions.


Visual Yoga

This class is for members of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired communities so they may come and practice yoga together in a class format specifically for them. The class is taught using Visual techniques that include the use of ASL, general body gestures and facial gestures.


Trauma Specific Yoga (TSY)

Trauma Specific Yoga is used to work with clients who have been diagnosed with complex trauma by their medical providers. Complex trauma consists of multiple traumatic events of the same type which the victim experiences over a period of time. The effect of these traumatic events on the person is cumulative. Examples of would be PTSD, ongoing (physical or sexual) violence, and can also manifest as the result of uprooting, refugeeness, human trafficking, or the result of a chronic illness that requires intensive and frequently painful medical intervention. Sessions can be held individually or in small groups. I can work along side your medical provider with myself providing the TSY sessions and the medical professional providing the counseling intervention or I can work with clients myself.



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