Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a Japanese energy healing modality that has been in practice since the 1800s. In Japanese it means “universal life force energy;” it is the presence that flows through, animates, and connects us all. Reiki was re-discovered by monk Mikao Usui on his search for the way the Buddha and Jesus healed. What followed was this healing art, which has been passed from Reiki Master to Reiki Master over the centuries. With subtle yet profound effects, Reiki’s primary purpose is to raise consciousness and serve the recipient’s highest good.




Reiki Principles

Just for the day, i shall not worry.

Just for the day, I shall not anger.

I shall do my work honestly.

I shall respect and be kind to all beings.

I shall accept my many blessings.



For healing to occur; nthere must be ....

a shift in consciousness.

an exchange in energy.




Services & Prices



Sessions: Reiki on site

Appntments can be booked by calling 608-513-5000 or emailing

30 minutes    $40
60 minutes    $75
90 minutes    $100


Distant Sessions (Done via Skype, Phone, or Email)

Sessions can be booked by calli8ng 608-513-5000 or email at
Payment for distant sessions must be received in advance. Please send payment to the address listed on the contact page or I do accept charge payments through

30 minutes    $25
60 minutes    $45
90 minutes    $65

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